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"Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg" to vie for Academy Award nomination

 Altogether, four Latvian films meet the Academy Award criteria. The other three are Aiks Karapetjans' "People Out There", Juris Poskus' "Kolka Cool" and Inara Kolmane's "Mona".
"Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg" is a joint Latvian-Russian production; actors and film professionals from Latvia, Russia, Estonia and Lithuania participated in making the film.
Earlier this year, "Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg" won the Best Picture award at the national film festival "Lielais Kristaps 2012". Paskevics was also named Best Director, cinematographer Gints Berzins and art/set directors Jurgis Krasons and Pavels Parhomenko were also winners.
Last year, no films from Latvia were entered for the Academy Award due to technical reasons.
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