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Vivid selection of Latvian culture on offer in Tartu for 9 days

Photo: Neputns/facebook.com

The Estonian city of Tartu is hosting nine days of selected Latvian culture events up until the centennial of Latvia on November 18. The events begun on Friday with the opening of the photography exhibition by internationally acclaimed photographer Zaiga Šteina.

According to the Estonian public broadcaster ERR, the programme will be as follows.

From November 9:

Zaiga Šteina’s photography exhibition

Foyer of the University of Tartu College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, at Lossi 3

November 10:

16:00 — Opening of the Latvian Literature exhibit #IAMINTROVERT in ERM at Muuseumi tee 2

20:30 — Rihards Lībietis Orchestra concert (IDeeJazz festival), in ERM at Muuseumi tee 2

November 11:

13:00 — Opening of Dace Dēliņa-Lipska exhibition “Mothers of Song,” performance by Tīnūži folk ensemble Saulesmeitas in ERM at Muuseumi tee 2

16:00 — Commemoration of Lāčplēsis Day (Latvian Freedom Fighters’ Remembrance Day), including lighting of candles and singing the Latvian national anthem at the monument to Latvian soldiers and refugees in Uus-Jaani Cemetery at Puiestee street

November 12:

18:00 — Free, Latvian-language excursion “In the Footsteps of Latvians in Tērbata”

November 16:

15:00 — Presentation of “Kalevdēls,” a Latvian translation of Estonian epic “Kalevipoeg” by Latvian poet and translator Guntars Godiņš at the University of Tartu

November 17:

Guided tours focusing on interfaces in Latvian and Estonian history

13:00 — Performance in atrium by Latvian folk ensemble Mežābele

Latvian film night at ERM, Muuseumi tee 2

November 18:

Latvian Fair

Free admission all day for Latvians

Free guided tours focusing on interfaces in Latvian and Estonian history (in Estonian at 11:00, in Latvian at 14:00)

17:00 — Performance by Latvian bagpipe and drum ensemble Auļi

Latvian Embassy reception with live broadcast of events in Riga and a performance by Tandēms trijatā at ERM, Muuseumi tee 2.


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