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Film industry hands out annual awards

Vitaly Mansky.
During the Lielais Kristaps film festival's award ceremony on October 12, director Renars Vimba's feature film Mellow Mud and Vitaly Mansky's Under the Sun carried off the main awards, LSM reported.

Three films competed for the Best Feature Film award - Laila Pakalnina's Dawn, Vimba's Mellow Mud and Davis Simanis' Exiled with Mellow Mud carrying the day (the Latvian title is actually Es esmu šeit or 'I am here').

Ulrich Matthes won the Best Actor award for his role in Exiled, while the Best Actress award went to Elina Vaska for her role in Mellow Mud.

Pakalnina won the Best Director award for the Dawn, while Mansky was honored as the best documentary film director. 
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