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Brodsky exhibition opens ahead of Baryshnikov mania in Riga

Alexei Blagovestnov.
The CUB gallery on Ausekļa st. 11 in Rīga has opened The Abridged Lion (Сокращённый лев), an exhibition by the famous Russian sculptor Alexei Blagovestnov that's dedicated to the great poet Joseph Brodsky. Original writings and drawings by Brodsky will also be on display, LSM reports.

It just so happened that The Lion Abridged opened two days before the premiere of Brodsky/Baryshnikov a performance piece featuring Riga-born Mikhail Baryshnikov that has quickly become the most sought-after event of the year with tickets reportedly changing hands for up to €400 euros on unofficial websites.

By the way, Alexei Blagovestnov told rus.lsm.lv that Baryshnikov is informed about the exhibition: "He said he'd come by."

A plaster sculpture of Brodsky serves as the central exhibit. The poet is shown sitting sitting in a shell with a cat-sized lion - Brodsky said in a 1995 interview that a cat is 'an abridged lion'.

A few pails of water have been poured out by the sculpture, and visitors can traverse it with the boots that are offered to visitors. Besides, as director of the gallery Darya Beskina told Rus.lsm.lv, original documents, manuscripts and drawings of Brodsky are in the exhibition.

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