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The artful stand-in face of the Riga Cathedral

While the tower of Riga Cathedral is being reconstructed, it is wrapped in the creations of graphic designer Paulis Liepa, whose work here reminds one of the ancient architectural values of the cathedral, fs LSM reported.      

The new impressive covers were created in cooperation with the construction company Arčers and will show Paulis Liepa's art on the cathedral, reminding about the values represented by the interior and the overall architecture of Riga's iconic building.
Paulis Liepa (b. 1978) is considered one of the brightest graphics designers of his generation and has a distinct style. Liepa has graduated the Latvian Academy of Arts and has participated in a number of exhibitions. He is the recipient of the Grand Prix in the Graphic Art Biennial of the Baltic Sea Countries and has had his works presented at the International Print Triennial in Krakow.

As noted previously, Riga Cathedral is currently subject to its first reconstruction within 500 years. The southern chapels are being reconstructed and the tower is being reinforced by replacing and fortifying the support beams, and roof deck is being changed. The tower will also welcome seven shiny new bells.

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