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“Mother, I Love You!” wins European children’s film award

Publicity photo.
Latvia’s feature film family drama “Mother, I love you” by director Jānis Nords was awarded the Best European Children’s Film of the Year award by the European Children’s Film Association (ECFA) Tuesday at the International Berlinale Film Festival’s Children’s Film Community Party, LSM reported.

The film has already garnered awards, favorable reviews and audience reactions since its release in 2013 and world premiere at the very same Berlinale festival two years ago. Last year it won Latvia’s Lielais Kristaps award for best full-length feature film, while Vita Vārpiņa was crowned best actress for her starring role as the mother.

“Mother, I Love You” is being promoted by the state National Film Center as a nominee for the Oscar awards after earning prizes at more than 15 international film festivals around the world, including the Grand Prix at the 17th Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival in Norway. 
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