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Latvia provokes London with experimental concert

The Latvian Radio Choir performed its ‘thought and sense provoking mulitmedia concert’ “Cage and Time” at St. John’s Smith Square in London Tuesday night, officially opening the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU and thoroughly enveloping the audience gathered for the experience.

The ambitious program presented itself as “designed to be provocatively connecting otherwise extremely opposite things and means of expression,” including picture and sound, rhythm and light, live sound and recordings, experiment and expression.

In addition to works by Latvian composers Pēteris Vasks and Jānis Mediņš, as well as central ‘provocateur’ John Cage and Kristaps Pētersons’ monumental homage to the postmodern American composer, the concert featured the polystylistic satire of Juris Ābols and interlude recordings by the late Hardijs Lediņs (1955-2004), multi-media artist and godfather of Latvian underground music and avant-garde arts with his legendary band NSRD ‘Restoration Workshop of Unprecedented Feelings’ during the 1980s. 
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