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French body-art icon graces Riga

LSM- Iconoclastic French artist ORLAN landed in Riga this week as part of the Culture Capital 2014 events to host a public lecture and open her exhibit Friday at Old Town’s Museum of Decorative Arts and Design.

ORLAN’s lifetime of provocative creative work – what she terms her ‘carnal art’, runs the gamut from performances including bodily mutilation and adornment through plastic surgery, to classicist painting and antique sculpture references.

The exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design opened Friday and will run until the 25th of January, 2015. 

According to curator Inese Baranovska: “The objective of the exhibition is to present one of the most controversial and provocative personalities at the contemporary art scene, who has declared her body an instrument of art, and only identifies herself with the pseudonym ORLAN that she herself invented.”

According to Baranovska, “the diverse creative work of the artist (performances, happenings, photography, video, installations, sculptures, biotechnological experiments, literary texts, etc.) is impossible to classify and put on one particular shelf of ‘-isms’, her art skillfully balances classical tradition and innovative challenges, historical heritage and the latest scientific achievements, the pinnacles of intellectual art and the popular culture.”

ORLAN, being at the forefront of contemporary art, has never cut the “umbilical cord” with the legacy of classical art. Her work includes numerous references to and parallels with the antique world and the aesthetics of medieval and renaissance art, baroque and surrealism.

There also are the conditional forms of the carnival ritual as well as, obviously, the well-known, but not yet completely mastered, phenomenon of celluloid – the real and relative film world.

Cinema is one of the areas where the artist feels at home, and one of the subjects of her research is the unique project “Le Plan du Film and Other Scenarios” that ORLAN brings to Riga.
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