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Riga Festival promises city-wide celebration

Riga city authorities released details Tuesday of the Latvian capital's annual city festival which will take place August 15 to 17.

This year's program has an extensive list of attractions and events for all ages with the 11 November Embankment between Akmens and Vansu bridges turned into a giant musical stage for the duration of the festival.

Highlights include performances by Azerbaijani kamancheh maestro Rauf Islamov, Australian acrobat troupe 'Strange Fruit' and 'bubble artists' Dace and Enriko Pecolli as well as familiar Latvian performers Intars Busilis and Aija Andrejeva.

Sunday August 17 sees a special program for children featuring various workshops and hands-on activities plus performances of classic kids' tales 'Spriditis' and the ever-popular 'Brinumskapis'.

Across town, Vermanes park will host more concerts plus a book and craft fair, while other venues across Riga will also stage performances.

Public transport will be free all day on both August 16 and 17.
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