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Runners from Japan and Ethiopia win "Nordea" Marathon

"Nordea" Riga Marathon
In the Men's 42k race at Sunday's "Nordea" Riga Marathon, Japan's Yu Chiba crossed the finish line in two hours, 13 minutes and 43 seconds to take this year's title. Six seconds behind him, earning the silver medal, was Kenya's Geoffrey Djikuni Ndungo.

In the Women's 42k race, snapping the tape first was Ethiopia's Tigist Tesome Ayana at two hours 36 minutes 50 seconds. She was three and a half minutes ahead of the silver-finishing American (of Latvian descent) Ariana Hilborn.

1,485 runners competed.

In the so-called Half-Marathon (21k) , Kenya's Ibrahim Mukunga Vachira was the winner (1:05:56) for the men, with Latvians Janis Girgensons and Renars Roze coming in second and third.

In 21k Women, Latvia's long distance star Jelena Prokopcuka won convincingly (1:14:52), outrunning the closest competitor by four minutes (Jelena Abele). Behind her, in third place was the Polish contender Anna Celinska.

3,717 runner competed.


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