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Celebration of Latvia's 10th anniversary as EU member state to be held

In celebration of the 10th anniversary since Latvia joined the European Union (EU), throughout the entire day in the so-called summer house "Esplanade 2014", a varied cultural and entertainment program for the whole family "Daudz LaimES!", has been scheduled for May 1, the EU house informed.

During the event, the venue will be transformed into Europe's House with a guest room, a children's room, a kitchen and a gym.

Various activities are planned from 12 noon on, when an animated cartoon program will be shown, but later a "Dirty Deal Teatro" performance "How the Sun Happened" and a concert by the Latvian Puppet Theater actors will take place on the Esplanade.

Art workshops will allow families, especially the younger generation, to color the EU country fairytales, create their own celebratory windmill, find out about various European country symbols, participate in the making of a puppet animation film, and decorate and float toy boats.

All this will be supplemented by a concert by kokle virtuoso Laima Jansone, DJ Monsta, and "Elektrofolk", but in the evening, quartet "Breakfast for Four", vocalist Aija Vitolina, cello band "Da Gamba", and "Mirage Jazz Orchestra" will perform European melodies.

Alongside with the various activities and concerts, useful information about the EU, as well as the coming European parliament elections, will be available in the guest room of Europe's House.

The event is organized by the European Commission in Latvia and the foundation "Riga 2014".


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