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Fils, Bernis and Zaharjins top Latvia's rich list

Ernests Bernis and Olegs Fils. Photo: Gatis Diezins/LETA.
 RIGA, Nov 20 - This year's edition of Latvia's 100 wealthiest persons, collated by "Baltic Screen", is topped by "ABLV Bank" owners Olegs Fils and Ernests Bernis, whereas "Liepajas Metalurgs" shareholder Sergejs Zaharjins is the third richest person in Latvia.
The index is based on data from "Lursoft", State Unified Computerized Land Register and corporate finance company "Laika stars".
Last year, Fils and Bernis shared the sixth and seventh place on the list, with assets worth LVL 42 million each.
In the latest edition, Fils is worth LVL 108 million and Bernis LVL 105 million. The total value of Zaharjins' assets is LVL 79 million.
"Rietumu Banka" shareholder Leonids Esterkins is placed fourth this year with assets worth a total of LVL 68 million, Internet solutions company "Mikrotikls" co-owner Arnis Riekstins is fifth (LVL 51 million), and "Repharm" shareholders Vadims Telica, Josifs Apts and Kirovs Lipmans share the sixth, seventh and eighth place (LVL 43 million each).
Justs Nikolajs Karlsons, the successor to the Bergs fortune, is in ninth place (LVL 42 million), whereas pharmaceutical company "Olainfarm" shareholder Valerijs Maligins is ranked tenth (LVL 39 million).
The total value of Latvia's ten richest persons has increased LVL 50 million in a year's time, from LVL 571 million in 2011 to LVL 621 this year.
The list of Latvia's 100 richest people, collated by "Baltic Screen" and journalists Lato Lapsa and Kristine Jancevska, will be printed in the "Kapitals" business magazine in December.
As reported, Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs, together with his son and daughter Anrijs and Liga, were for the second year in a row atop the list of Latvia's 100 wealthiest persons last year. Their property value was estimated at LVL 130 million.
Banker Leonids Esterkins, council chairman at "Rietumu banka", was in second place with his wealth estimated at LVL 65 million, and Andris Skele, along with his wife and two daughters, were in third with LVL 54 million their total.
Not far behind the Skeles were Kirovs Lipmans and Anna Lipmane with LVL 52 million, but fifth richest on the list was Sergejs Zaharjins, the major shareholder at "Liepajas metalurgs".

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