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Once "Liepajas metalurgs" gets new management, everything will fall into place

Peteris Strautins. Photo: LETA.
 RIGA, March 28 - "The only problem at "Liepajas metalurgs" is the company's shareholders - once the company gets new management, everything will fall into place," "DNB banka" socioeconomic expert Peteris Strautins told the "Nozare.lv" business portal.

"It is practically impossible for "Liepajas metalurgs" to lose money if raw materials are bought and the company's products sold at market prices. However, we know that "Liepajas metalurgs" was not buying local scrap metal but imported it from elsewhere, and paid for it via offshore companies - for obvious reasons. Sales of the company's products are also organized in a very peculiar way," said Strautins.

Strautins believes that "this stupid hullabaloo" about a possible "Liepajas metalurgs" shutdown, must be stopped - it is a "cynical campaign", whose sole objective is to extort money from taxpayers.

"It places unnecessary stress on the company's workers, all Liepaja residents and the rest of Latvia, and it takes the government's time that could have been spent on solving more important matters. It should be added that the report on the financial situation at "Liepajas metalurgs" and its effect on the national economy in the hypothetical scenario where the company is shut down, looks slightly exaggerated, but there is no sense in discussing it because the company does not have to be shut down," stressed Strautins.
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