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Kaspars Varpins has joined the board of directors of Blackpool FC

Kaspars Varpins.
 Latvian Kaspars Varpins has joined the board of directors of Blackpool FC. He has worked closely with Club President Valeri Belokon for the past three years overseeing the financial side of Mr. Belokon’s businesses.

As insidermedia.com reports, directors of Blackpool FC remain confident about the club's future stability despite recording a £22.6m drop in turnover after their relegation from the Premier League.

According to newly filed accounts for parent company Segesta Ltd, revenue for the year to 31 May 2012 was down to £29.1m from £51.7m while operating profit before player transfers fell from £22.3m to £11.8m, insidermedia.com reports.

The club did however make a profit of £3.68m in 2011/12 on player transfers compared with a loss of £1.82m the previous season. Pre-tax profit fell from £20.4m to £15.5m.

Blackpool spent one season in English football's top tier in 2010/11 and nearly returned a year later but lost the Championship play off final in May 2012 to West Ham.

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