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Pavluts calls construction of smaller local LNG gas terminal in Latvia ''last option''

Daniels Pavluts. Photo: LETA.
 RIGA, Feb 26 - During a Saeima Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Committee meeting today, Economy Minister Daniels Pavluts said that there are options available which would allow natural-gas regasification solutions to become more flexible and smaller, but this would be a huge blow to Baltic solidarity.

Answering a question whether Latvia is evaluation the option of constructing a smaller liquefied natural gas terminal, the minister said that such a solution remains an option, but that the Economy Ministry does not deem it necessary to go forward with such a project at the moment.

Speaking about possible infrastructure solutions in the gas market, Pavluts admitted that any special creativity is not possible - liquefied natural gas can be transported by sea or through pipelines. The minister pointed out that the proposed gas pipeline connecting Poland and Lithuania will also be very important.

As reported, "Booz&Company", a consulting firm hired by the European Commission for the assessment of the best location for construction of the Baltic region's liquefied natural gas terminal after the Baltics were not able to agree amongst themselves, says in its final report that building the terminal in Estonia would achieve a number of advantages, adding that building the terminal in Finland would have similar advantages. Meanwhile, Pavluts has sent a letter to European Commission Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger pointing out to the shortcomings in the report, and has urged for a meeting between all the sides involved to continue talks and discuss gas diversification solutions.

Furthermore, Lithuania has announced that it intends to construct a smaller liquefied natural gas terminal in its territory.
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