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Ushakov says new routed taxicab service operator will not receive a single santim from Riga City Council

Nil Ushakov. Photo: Edijs Palens/LETA.
 The new routed taxicab operator in Riga will not receive a single santim from the Riga City Council, the operator will buy all the minibuses and everything else needed for the business itself, Riga Mayor Nil Ushakov (Harmony Center) said in an interview with the LNT television this morning.

If the winner of the municipal transport company "Rigas satiksme" tender is unable to honor its liabilities, a new tender will be announced, added Ushakov.

In the interview, he also rejected speculations about possible violations in the tender organization procedure, noting that the tender had continued for one-and-a-half years, and that the Procurement Monitoring Bureau had not ascertained any violations. As for the suspicions about corruption, this will have to be evaluated by the Corruption Prevention Bureau, said Ushakov.

Ushakov added that the company complaining about the tender was the current operator providing poor-quality services. He said it was very likely that there would be new minibuses running in Riga already this summer.

As reported, companies formerly associated with "Honor to Serve Riga" member Aleksandrs Brandavs, board member at the "Rigas karte" company that introduced the e-ticket in Riga, have won Riga municipal public transport company "Rigas satiksme's" tender for providing routed taxicab services in the city, offering to organize the service for LVL 25 million, according to information at the Procurement Monitoring Bureau's website.

The tender has been won by "Rigas mikroautobusu satiksme", an association of four companies: "B-Bus", its subsidiaries "Sabiedriskais autobuss" and "Vidlatauto", as well as company "FPK" that belongs to the "B-Bus" owner Vitalijs Komars, according to "Firmas.lv" data.

"B-Bus" was previously called "Blagovest Tur", and Brandavs was one of the co-owners of the company. Right now, Belgium-registered "B-International" is the only owner of "B-Bus".

Overall, two bids were submitted for the tender.

At the moment, routed taxicab services in Riga are provided by several companies on the basis of temporary contracts signed with "Rigas satiksme".
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