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Liepaja Port achieves record-high cargo turnover of 7.2 million tons

 VENTSPILS, Dec 27 - This year, Liepaja Port handled record-high 7.2 million tons of cargo, LETA was informed by Liepaja Special Economic Zone Marketing and Investment Department head Ivo Kolins.
In January-October 2012, Liepaja Port handled 6.02 million tons of cargo, 52.6 percent more than in the corresponding period in 2011. In January-November 2012, the port handled 6.7 million tons of cargo, a 50.7 percent increase on January-November 2011.
According to the latest data, the port's cargo turnover this year - 7.2 million tons - is the largest amount in the port's history, explained Kolins.
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