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Billionaire Chizh's "Neonafta" exits Latvia

Yury Chizh.
 RIGA, Dec 14 - The company "Neonafta", which is controlled by the European Union's blacklisted Belarusian billionaire Yury Chizh, and which used to own one of Latvia's largest biofuel producers "Mamas D", officially left the Latvian market this week, according to "Firmas.lv" information.

"Mamas D" currently belongs to two Belarusian residents.

The EU has frozen the assets of three businessmen associated with the Belarusian government - Chizh, Anatoly Tarnavsky and Vladimir Peftiev. The EU has also banned them from crossing its borders. In addition, the bloc has frozen the assets of 30 Belarusian companies, including Chizh's oil and gas holding "Triple". "Neonafta" is a part of "Triple".

The EU has also extended sanctions against Belarus until October 31, 2013.

"Neonafta" owned 80 percent of "Mamas D" shares and 80 percent of "Latgales alus D" shares until December 14.

At the moment, 40 percent of both companies shares belong to Belarusian citizen Dmitry Aleksin and another 40 percent - to Russian citizen Inna Oleksin.

Aleksin told "Nozare.lv" that both shareholders are planning to expand the company's operations.

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