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It is a mistake not to enter the Russian market

Igor Mann.
 RIGA, Nov 27- It is a mistake not to enter the Russian market, where Latvian goods are perceived very positively, Russian marketing specialist, writer and publisher Igor Mann pointed out in an interview with "Nozare.lv".
Asked about any mistakes that Latvian businessmen should avoid making, Mann emphasized that it is of utmost importance not to break laws and ethical norms.
The Russian market is large and it is difficult to make unforgiving mistakes. Such Latvian goods as food products, appliances, alcohol and banking services are well perceived and these companies should not be afraid to enter the Russian market, said Mann.
Mann explained that the Russian market is not homogenous. For example, Moscow's market differs from the one in Saint Petersburg or regional markets. Therefore it is better to speak with local businessmen to understand the specifics of each market, added the expert.
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