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After 24 years Latvia and Belarus ratify new agreement for railway traffic

Photo: pixabay.com
On 4 April, Latvia’s Saeima supported in the final reading a legislative draft that ratifies a new agreement between the government of Latvia and the government of Belarus on international railway traffic, as reported by Saeima press-service.

This new agreement secures regular and unhindered passenger, luggage, freight railway cross-border transports in accordance with modern railway transport functionality in both countries. The agreement also covers railway transport services between Republic of Latvia and Republic of Belarus, as well as rights and duties of carriers and personnel, border control, action for emergency situations, accident investigation and other important matters.

Currently railway transport field between Latvia and Belarus is governed by the agreement on railway transport activities signed in Riga in 1995. Transport ministries of Latvia and Belarus have concluded that the old agreement is outdated and no longer meets modern requirements.

The agreement on international railway between Latvia and Belarus was signed in October 2018. For the agreement to come to force it needs to be ratified by parliaments of both countries.


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