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Turnover of AS Conexus Baltic Grid increased 9.8% last year

Photo: facebook.com/Conexus Baltic Grid
Unified natural gas transmission and storage system operator AS Conexus Baltic Grid turnover in 2018 reached EUR 542 million, which is 9.8% more when compared to 2017. The company’s profits were EUR 13.3 million, according to the company’s annual account.

The natural gas volume in AS Conexus Baltic Grid transmission system increased in 2018, reaching 30,151 GWh, which is 14% more than a year prior. Transmission segment had secured 63% of total public income.

In the previous account period, the association invested in infrastructure maintenance and modernization, including EUR 7.1 million as an investment in Inčukalns underground gas storage facility. The company’s total investments reached EUR 13.9 million.


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