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Pasažieru vilciens prohibited from signing train procurement contract with Talgo

Photo: flickr.com/Aleix Cortés
Latvia’s Procurement Monitoring Bureau has prohibited AS Pasažieru vilciens from signing a train procurement contract with Spanish company Patentes Talgo S.L., according to information from PMB’s website.

PMB’s decision provides for prohibiting public service provider Pasažieru vilciens from signing a procurement contract with the winner of the most recent tender for the supply of trains and maintenance equipment, as well as cancelling the results of said tender.

Pasažieru vilciens has been given 20 days to prevent the problems reported by the audit committee, re-assess all the offers submitted by contenders, as well as report on findings to PMB and said contenders.

As it is known, Pasažieru vilciens announced Spanish company Talgo as the winner of the tender. The company’s offered price was EUR 225,303,262. This price covers supply of trains and maintenance equipment, spare parts for the first five years, as well as personnel training.

Pasažieru vilciens board chairman Rodžers Jānis Grigulis explained that Talgo’s offer was the most economical. When asked about the prices offered by other contenders, Grigulis said the next best offer was EUR 20 million more expensive.

Four contenders competed in the tender – Talgo, Swiss company Stadler’s Polish subsidiary, Spanish Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles and Škoda Vagonka.

Czech Škoda Vagonka and CAF submitted a complaint regarding possible violations during coordination talks.

This is Latvia’s third attempt to acquire new trains. Stadler and CAF took part in the first one. CAF was picked as the winner. However, Stadler launched a litigation and the result of the tender was cancelled. Hyundai Rotem and Stadler participated in the second procurement. Hyundai had the better price but later withdrew from the tender. Then the Transport Minister of Latvia Anrijs Matīss announced there is no money to afford procurement of trains from Stadler. Because of that, Pasažieru vilciens did not sign the contract.


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