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Direct state procurements in Latvia to be organized electronically in the future

Photo: pixabay.com
State Regional Development Agency reports that construction procurements and procurements of goods and services organized by state administration institutions will require potential applicants to submit their offers electronically from now on.

VRAA reminds that as of January 2019 the Public Procurement Law states that state administration institutions such as ministries and institutions under their command are to be provided with offers electronically in procurements organized for goods and services with overall worth exceeding EUR 10,000. The same requirements will apply for construction procurements worth more than EUR 20,000.

With what offers written and submitted on paper will no longer be accepted.

This requirement will come to force for municipalities and municipal institutions 1 October 2019 and 1 July 2020 for capital associations.

The new changes also state that from now on clients will have to publish all information available for procurements in the Electronic Procurement System. Previously this information was freely available on each client’s website – Procurement section.  This requirement is applicable to all procurements regardless of the submission method.

Cabinet of Ministers requirements no longer require publication of information on procurements on websites of different institutions. According to VRAA Electronic Procurements Office representative Elita Kļaviņa, until now getting information regarding procurements required businesses to go to each separate institution’s website. From now on, however, all information will be available at EIS and information regarding announcement of procurements on the website of the Procurement Monitoring Bureau. «This is being done in order to make sure all information is available in one place and to make the procurement process more standardized,» explains Kļaviņa.

«To ensure better communication with businessmen at early stages of procurements, clients are recommended to publish on their website a link to EIS with an explanation that all important information will be posted there from now on,» the agency recommends.


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