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CSB surveys Latvian counties with the highest yield of agricultural crops in 2017

Photo: pixabay.com
In 2017, the average yield of cereals in Latvia constituted 38.3 ql/ha, while the indicator registered in Dobele county was almost two times higher – 64.9 ql/ha (relative margin of error 1.6 %). Among all counties, the highest cereal yield was recorded in Dobele County.

In several counties, very high yield of cereals was harvested – from 49 to 65 cnt/ha. Dobele, Rundāle, Bauska, Jelgava, Tērvete and Auce counties in Zemgale region, Baldone, Ķekava, Olaine, Sēja, Tukums and Jaunpils in Pierīga region, Durbe, Grobiņa, Saldus and Brocēni in Kurzeme region, as well as Beverīna county in Vidzeme region were the most productive, according to experimental data from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.

Last year, the average yield of pulses (peas, beans, vetches, lupins) in Latvia constituted 29.7 ql/ha, while in several counties – Auce, Dobele, Tērvete, Jelgava, Rundāle, Bauska in Zemgale region, Pāvilosta, Durbe, and Aizpute in Kurzeme, Jaunpils and Sēja in Pierīga, Rūjiena in Vidzeme and Zilupe in Latgale region, even 38–48 ql/ha were harvested. The highest yield of pulses was harvested in Aizpute county where it constituted 48.1 ql/ha (relative margin of error 1.1 %) and exceeded the national average yield 1.6 times.

The average yield of rape harvested in Latvia constituted 27.8 ql/ha. In Tērvete, Rundāle and Nereta counties of Zemgale region as well as Ikšķile county of Pierīga region, 36–44 ql/ha were harvested. The highest yield of rape was harvested in Nereta county – 44 ql/ha (relative margin of error 12.42 %).


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