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Rimi Latvia – last year’s largest trade company in the country

Photo: rimi.lv.
Last year, the largest company in Latvia was Rimi Latvia turnover-wise: its turnover reached EUR 870.428 million, according to information from SIA Firmas.lv and LETA’s Latvian Business Year Outlook 2018.

Compared to the 2016, the turnover of Rimi Latvia grew 4.7% in 2017. Rimi Latvia also has the highest profitability among the TOP 10 of Latvia’s largest businesses – 4.7%.

2nd place is held by Maxima Latvija, same as last year. This company’s turnover grew 4.2% and was EUR 723.054 million. 3rd place among Latvia’s largest trade companies is held by household goods wholesale trade company Sanitex, whose turnover grew by 14.5% and was EUR 303.355 million last year.

Samsung Electronics Baltics has dropped from 3rd to 4th place. This company’s turnover grew by 5.8% and was EUR 297.445 million last year. Contuplus Riga has managed to climb from 8th to 5th place. This company’s turnover grew 1.6 times, reaching EUR 166.915 million last year. Lenoka food product retailer is 6th with turnover increase of 12%.

Largo Trade has ended up on 7th place in the TOP 10. Its turnover grew by 5.3% and was EUR 145.618 million. A newcomer to the list – Jupaks – is on 8th place. Its turnover grew 1.6 times – to EUR 126.413 million – last time.

9th place is held by household wholesale trader Green Trace, whose turnover grew 20.6%, reaching EUR 116.537 million last year. The TOP 10 list ends with Amber Distribution Latvia, whose turnover grew 14%, reaching EUR 105.097 million last year.

Compared to last year, the TOP 10 list of the largest trade sector companies no longer includes Linas Agro and Phillip Morris Latvia.


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