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Popular restaurant chain denies alleged tampering with cash registers

Criminal police in Latvia has conducted searches at the popular Riga restaurant chain Vairāk Saules on suspicion of alleged tampering with its cash registers.

The owners of the business deny any wrongdoing and have said that it has been forced to stop most of their business operations and have suffered losses worth 25 000 euros.

«I can say to everyone here, that Vairāk saules has never done this and does not do this, and such claims are absolutely unfounded,» stated the co-owner of the restaurant business Mārtiņš Kalniņš at a press conference.

The Latvian State Police, however, has on Tuesday, June 12, conducted searches in its restaurants and detained four persons on suspicion of tampering with cash registers.

In late May, investigators have launched an investigation against Vairāk Saules on suspicion of violating rules on accounting information, tampering with automated data processing system and illegal actions with information in the system as done with avaricious aims.


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