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Fruit growers in Latvia see effects of drought and heat as «disastrous»

Photo: pixabay.com.

The unusually high temperatures and lack of precipitation this May in Latvia have added to the adverse effects that last year’s chilly and wet summer has had in the field of fruit growing, the leadership of the Latvian Orchardman Association, has warned.

The non-governmental organisation unites around 400 hundred of the largest fruit and berry growers in the Baltic country.

Its Board Chairwoman Māra Rudzāte explained this week: «Gardens dry out, but fruits fall from plants that are still able to withstand the drought, while the remaining fruit are small and are not expected to grow into quality products. Thus the industry is experiencing considerable loss of crops for the second year in a row».

The organisation stated that in all the regions of Latvia, most fruit plants have been suffering in spring 2018 and it estimated that compared to a usual season, this year 90% of the crops of cranberries, 40-50 % of apples and pears, 50%-80% of sweet cherry, 40% of northern highbush blueberry and 60% strawberry would be lost.


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