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EUR 23 million to be invested to expand ''McDonald's'' fast food chain in Baltics

Photo: AFP.
TALLINN, Nov 22 (LETA--BLOOMBERG) - ''McDonald's Corp.'' is expanding its fast-food chain in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, whose economies are growing at the fastest pace in the European Union, the Lithuanian newspaper ''Verslo Zinios'' writes, the ''Bloomberg'' news agency reports.

The company plans to invest EUR 23 million by 2015 to open new restaurants in the three Baltic nations, said Tomasz Nawrocki, Baltic managing director for ''Premier Capital Ltd.'', which represents ''McDonald’s'' in the region and holds franchise rights.

As reported, ''Premier Capital'' informed this past January that it plans to invest EUR 38 million (LVL 26.7 million) in expanding and developing its business in the Baltics, BBN reported.

"Premier Capital Limited" owns and operates over 30 ''McDonald's'' and ''McCafe'' fast food establishments in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Malta.

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