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Rail freight volume in Latvia down 10.9% in four months

Photo: pixabay.com.
Compared to the same period of last year, rail freight volume in Latvia dropped by 10.9% in the first four months of 2018 and was 15.673 million tonnes, according to data compiled by Transport Ministry.

International freight volume was 15.26 million tonnes, which is an 11.1% decline when compared to the first four months of 2017. The volume of domestic freight declined by 0.3% and was 413,200 tonnes.

Information from the ministry states that the volume of transit freight was 14.206 million tonnes, which is 11.2% less when compared to the same period of 2017. The volume of import freight was 959,100 tonnes, which is 8% less, whereas export freight accounted for 94,800 tonnes (30.1% less).

The volume of railway freight going through ports was 12.436 million tonnes in the first four months of 2018, which is 16.6% less than a year prior. Transit by land through Latvia’s territory, according to the ministry’s data was 1.77 million tonnes – 63.1% more when compared to a year ago.

Railway freight in Latvia dropped by 8.4% in 2017 when compared to the year before and was 43.792 million tonnes, which includes 17.584 million tonnes in the first four months.


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