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Grindeks co-owner denies interest for investments in Olainfarm

Kirovs Lipmans/publicity photo.
Co-owner of Grindeks pharmaceutical product manufacturer Kirovs Lipmans denies having interest for investments in Olainfarm medicines manufacturer.

«Olainfarm has never been interesting to me as a target of investments and it remains uninteresting to me. I focus my attention and finances on Grindeks,» said Lipmans.

His representatives say that some mass media had reported last week that Lipmans became interested in Olainfarm after the largest shareholder of which – Valerijs Maligins – had passed away last year. This information is supposedly backed by the fact that legal representatives of Maligin’s widow Mārtiņš Krieķis and Pāvels Rebenoks from ‘Rebenoks un Vilders’ law firm are also Lipman’s lawyers in the litigation associated with Grindeks shares.

Lipmans says that he picked well-known lawyers to defend his interests. He added that other cases handled by those lawyers are not associated with interests of Grindeks.

Lipmans added that it is planned to invest at least seven million euros in the concern’s production plants in Latvia, Estonia and Slovakia this year.

Olainfarm’s largest co-owner Maligins passed away at the age of 52 in December 2017. Olaimfarm manufactures medicines, pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements, as well as chemical substances and active pharmaceutical ingredients.


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