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LCCI: the next head of SRS should come from the private sector

Jānis Endziņš/lrpv.gov.lv.
It would be best to search for the next head of the State Revenue Service in the private sector, said chairman of Latvia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jānis Endziņš in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT.

At the same time, he admitted that it will be very hard to find a new leader for SRS.

Endziņš mentioned that the next head of SRS should come from the private sector, similar to the previous head. This is because the private sector has a different approach when it comes to work organization. «I think it benefited SRS in general, because the institution took a very positive direction for reforms as a result. I think the strategy is sound and the direction was correct,» he said.

When asked about possible criteria for the next head of SRS, Endziņš mentioned that the work performed by the institution’s chief is far from simple. In addition, there are two opposing directions that have to be followed – it is necessary to support honest businesses and separate the good businessmen from the bad. «On one hand you have to be friendly and welcoming, but on the other hand – hard and stern. Because of that, it is hard to find a person that would fit these requirements,» said the chairman of LCCI.

On the night to Saturday, 10 March, SRS director general Ilze Cīrule unexpectedly passed away. She was managing the institutions since November 2016. Ieva Setniece, senior specialist of State Police Zemgale Region Department, concluded that Cīrule’s death showed no signs of violence. Forensic investigation will determine the exact cause of death.


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