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Latvia’s GDP growth was faster than the average in the EU in Q4 2017

Photo: pixabay.com.
Compared to the same period of 2016, Latvia’s GDP growth was more rapid that the average in the European Union in Q4 2017, according to data published by Eurostat on Wednesday, 7 March.

According to seasonally adjusted data, Latvia’s GDP grew 4.7% in Q4 2017. More rapid growth was registered in Romania (+7%), Slovenia (+6.2%), Estonia (+5.3%), Czech Republic (+5.2%) and Hungary (+4.9%).

Slightly lower economic growth was recorded in Poland (+4.3%), Lithuania (+3.8%), Austria (+3.6%) and Slovakia (+3.5%).

In an annual perspective, GDP growth has been observed in all EU member states for which data is available.

Germany’s GDP grew 2.9% when compared to the last quarter of 2016. Compared to Q3 2017, however, GDP growth was 0.6%.

Compared to the previous three-month period, GDP growth was observed in all EU member states for which data is available in Q4 2017.

Economic growth was more rapid in this period of time in Estonia (+2.2%), Slovenia (+2%), Lithuania (+1.4%), Hungary (+1.3%) and Poland (+1%). In Latvia GDP grew 0.3% over the course of the quarter.

European Union economy grew 2.6% in Q4 2017 in comparison to the same period of 2016. Eurozone’s economy grew 2.7%. Compared to Q3, GDP in EU and Eurozone grew 0.6%.

Data is not available for Ireland, Luxembourg and Malta.


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