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Volume of energy realized by Enefit in Latvia grew 15% in 2017

Photo: pixabay.com.
Enefit reached stable growth indexes in Latvia’s gas market in 2017, concluding the year with 23.5% growth of profits and an expanded customer portfolio.

Enefit reports that it maintains active talks with Scandinavian and Polish consumers while making new development steps in Latvia’s market, offering energy efficiency and funding solutions for enterprises. The company plans to start selling energy to households in the near future.

Along with adding gas to its list of products, Enefit managed to increase the volume of sold energy by 15% in Latvia last year.

It should be mentioned that as the energy price decline continued, turnover had experienced slight fluctuations and was EUR 46.3 million. The company’s clean profit indexes continue growing, and in comparison to 2016 have reached EUR 1.12 million.

The number of clients grew 17.8% in 2017. As a result, Enefit now services 2,413 clients, selling electricity and gas in 16,659 connection points in Latvia.


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