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RB Rail CEO: Rail Baltica may receive 0.8 to 1 million euros from Europe

If Baltic States are able to reach an agreement in relation to the realization of Rail Baltica project, there is a high probability the project may receive from the European Union from 800 million to upwards of one billion euros, as CEO of RB Rail Baiba Rubesa told Saeima’s European Affairs Committee.

She mentioned that if Baltic States do reach an agreement on the introduction model, funding will be allocated before 2020. To receive this funding, sides involved in the project’s realization have to perform specific activities.

«This money is at risk of being lost because of disagreements among Baltic States,» said Rubesa. Altogether funding will reach four billion euros for the realization of Rail Baltica.

Latvia’s representative in the European Commission Inna Šteinbuka noted that more funding may become available in the planning period. She hopes realization of the project will continue and disagreements will not affect availability of those funds.

On Friday, 2 March, members of the parliament’s committee discussed the progress of realization of Rail Baltica project, as confirmed by the parliament’s press-service.

Before the meeting, chairperson of Saeima’s European Affairs Committee Lolita Čigāne mentioned that members of the parliament were concerned about the project because of recent events surrounding the future of Baiba Rubesa in the company.


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