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Hesburger to invest 11.5 million euros in Baltics this year

Photo: flickr.com/Justin Henry.
The largest fast food catering restaurant network in Finland and Baltic States – Hesburger – plans to invest approximately EUR 11.5 million in business development this year. EUR 5.5 million are planned to be invested in Latvia’s market, says Hesburger Development Director Ieva Salmela.

She explains that the largest portion of investments is planned for Latvia – EUR 5.5 million. Hesburger plans to invest EUR 4 million in Lithuania and EUR 2 million in Estonia. This can be explained with individual business development plans, the representative adds.

Salmela reveals that planned investments in Latvia are intended for the creation of five new restaurants, as well as reconstruction of an existing restaurant in Sigulda. It is also planned to open the third restaurant in Daugavpils this summer. In Lithuania, Hestburger plans to develop three to four new restaurants. Two more restaurants are planned to be opened in Estonia.

Last year, Hesburger made a step forward in the development of its presence in the IT sector by creating a mobile app in Latvia.

The representative mentions that mobile app has been downloaded more than 131,000 times since its reveal last year. This proves there is a great deal of interest for food delivery services.

Salmela notes that it is planned to continue development of the digital service and modernization of existing restaurants.

There are 139 Hesburger restaurants in Baltic States.


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