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Third of beer consumed in Estonia in 2017 bought in Vidzeme, Estonian factory breweries evaluate

Photo: pixabay.com.

Saku and A. Le Coq, two largest beer makers in Estonia have not published their exact sales numbers for the last year, but have been quick in stating that about one third of all beer drunk in Estonia was purchased in Latvia.

Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports that Tarmo Noop the chief execeutive of A. Le Coq beer producer noted that from July to December last year more than a third of their production was sold to shops at the southern border, but in the last month of the year the company sold more than 40 percent of its total volume there.

A similar picture has been described by the other larger Estonian beer producer Saku. Its sales director, Jaan Härms, told ERR’s Vikerraadio that even though beer sales we are currently in the low season, Saku are currently sending four or five truckloads of beer a day to the shops south of the border which could reach 30 truck this summer.

Breweries, distilleries and other alcohol makers is Estonia are calling on the country’s government to drop the next alcohol excise hike planned for 2019 and to U-turn on the current r ate in force since the summer of 2017.


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