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The biggest problem for restaurants – labour force deficit

Photo: pixabay.com.
The largest problem for restaurants in Latvia is availability of labour force, which limits the industry’s ability to develop, says co-owner of VVS Holdings Mārtiņš Kalniņš.

«The biggest problem right now is finding good workers. It is not the lack of funding that slows our development but rather availability of labour force. This is our biggest problems,» said Kalniņš.

He adds that this problem has existed before, but it has become especially topical now. With that, the current situation is not unlike the one Latvia experienced in 2007, when wages grew more rapidly than the country’s economy.

Kalniņš said that less people choose to learn the profession. «While, in the past, culinary schools prepared graduates from three full classes of students, now the school cannot find enough people to fill even one class,» he adds.

At the same time, competition among restaurants in Latvia is healthy, because it is on a level that promotes development, says Kalniņš. «New restaurants open up around there world all the time, but there are also those that close down. Because of that, we have to keep thinking of ways to develop and grow,» says Kalniņš.


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