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RB Rail chairperson: I have been an «inconvenient» CEO

Baiba Rubesa/twitter.com.
I know I have been an «inconvenient» CEO, because I refuse to obey narrow and specific shareholders’ and project true beneficiaries’ interests, instead following high corporate management values, transparency and honest project introduction by representing the interests of society – three Baltic States, said RB Rail chairperson Baiba Rubesa in response to the decision made by Estonian and Lithuanian shareholders to dismiss her.

She says that work performed by RB Rail has been very complicated in the past two years, largely because of the consequences from council’s slow decision-making process. This had influenced the company’s ability to progress forward and realize the project’s activities in time.

«In reality, the council of the company has been facing constant restrictions, impeding RB Rail’s ability to efficiently organize its work and making the project’s realization an even greater challenge,» said the CEO.

Rubesa also notes that there are multiple important decisions to be made at the beginning of the year. All of them will have an effect on Rail Baltica project:

-approval of Rail Baltica construction guidelines as a reference document for the entire railway line based on agreed-upon standards;

-decision-making in regards to improving the 1,435 railway line in Lithuania from Kaunas to the Polish-Lithuanian border;

-as well as infrastructure management matters.

Rubesa adds studies and decisions are especially important for Lithuania. «In this context, I am proud out my ability to strictly oppose conflicts of interest created by members of the council who make decisions ‘sitting in two chairs’ – as project shareholders and potential suppliers,» says Rubesa.

She reveals that he has faced countless attempts to interfere with the project from ‘up high’. «In procurement processes, for example, we have seen endless demands to sacrifice our adopted, internationally-recognized procurement practices. I have also experienced interference by members of the government in board member selection processes,» said Rubesa.

In her announcement to the press, Rubesa also mentioned that so far she has not received any formal statements from shareholders, except for an informal conversation with the chairman of RB Rail Council.

«I understand that the reason why certain shareholders was my initiative to secure efficient management and coordination of the project, reviewing the project’s introduction structure, as well as my proposed offer regarding a new highly-integrated project instruction model, which is something requested by European Commission,» said Rubesa.

She says that the contract among the official project beneficiaries – ministers of three Baltic States – regarding the organization of the project’s realization is the pre-condition for the signing of the next Connecting Europe Facility funding contract.


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