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RB Rail’s Lithuanian and Estonian shareholders voice distrust to company’s chairperson

Baiba Rubesa/twitter com.
During a meeting on Thursday, 1 February, Estonian and Lithuanian shareholders of RB Rail voted in favour of dismissing the company’s CEO and board chairperson Baiba Rubesa. Representative of Latvian shareholders, manager of Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas (EDZL) Andris Linužs abstained in the vote, as LETA was told by EDZL representative Rita Voronkova.

She mentioned that the company’s council will have to make the final decision on this matted based on the will of shareholders.

Latvian Transport Minister Uldis Augulis says the decision in regards to the board chairperson will have to be made by the company’s council. This matter was not viewed during the Thursday meeting. It is likely it will be discussed during next week’s meeting, said Augulis.

When asked about the decision made by shareholders from other Baltic States, the minister mentioned that Estonian and Lithuanian sides explain their decision with dissatisfaction with Rubesa’s work and differences of opinion in regards to the company’s function.

When asked about future actions and management of the company, the minister allowed for the possibility for matters associated with this situation could be discussed on the level of Baltic governments. When asked if a new manager for RB Rail is picked out in the event of Rubesa’s dismissal, the minister mentioned that dismissal of the head of the company is a precedent. In such a situation, the company will have to decide if it wants to remain with the same three-person board or search for a new manager.

When asked if Latvian representative’s decision to abstain from the vote instead of voting against could demonstrate insufficient support for Rubesa from the Latvian state, Augulis strongly denied it.

After the meeting on Thursday, Rubesa refused to provide LETA with comments on shareholders’ decision.

Lithuanian news agency BNS, with reference to unofficial sources, reported in the evening on Thursday that RB Rail shareholders had voted in favour of dismissing Rubesa. According to the source, opinions of all sides in management and the manager differed on certain matters.

Rubesa told BNS that she is not aware of the decision made at the shareholders’ meeting. She added that Lietuvos geležinkeliai or Rail Baltica statyba should be asked for comments.

«I have no comments to give, and I don’t know what happened at the shareholders’ meeting. I wasn’t present,» she said.

Baiba Rubesa was elected the chairperson of the board of RB rail in October 2015.


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