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Most employers in Latvia perform no activities to attract new workers

Photo: pixabay.com.
24% of Latvian employers say they perform no activities to attract new workers, according to data from a survey performed by Social Integration Fund.

When asked what kinds of activities employers or their companies perform to attract new workers, most mentioned performing only some specific activities.

Results of the survey shows that activities aimed at attracting representatives from specific groups of people are seldom organized. For example, only 16% of employers perform senior support programmes, 20% adapt work environment for disabled people. Only 7% of employers mention in job offers that they specifically need representatives from different groups (seniors, youngsters, invalids, etc.)

To create appropriate criteria for Latvian employers, a study was performed to compile opinions from representatives of different social groups on different obstacles that make it hard for them to participate in the labour market, as well as management principles, desires and support activities that would help develop and introduce new management policies.

The survey was performed between 24 October and 3 November 2017 by Kantar TNS.


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