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Latvenergo: Latvia is the largest energy exporter in Baltic States

Latvia continues exporting electrical energy produced in the country – as of Monday, 22 January, it was 832 MW. Especially intensive energy production is recorded for Daugava’s hydro-electric power plants and Riga’s CHP plants. The largest import volume is registered for Lithuania, to which the amount of exported energy equals the amount consumed in Latvia, Latvenergo explains.

Consumption of electrical energy in Latvia was approximately 1,188 MW as of Monday, 22 January. The largest portion of the balance of produced electricity is covered by thermal power stations – 968 MW. Hydroelectric power plants are behind with 890 MW. Estonia, with consumption of 1,373 MW, exports 153 MW of energy. Lithuania, on the other hand, imports 1,187 MW to satisfy its consumption rate of 1,894 MW.

Latvenergo representatives say that integration with the electricity market of Nordic countries and more rapid price equalization has helped bring the price in Latvia close to the one in Finland.

On Monday, 22 January, both production blocks in TEC-1 and TEC-2 were turned on to satisfy demand. Electrical energy produced by TEC covers two-thirds of the total electricity volume Latvenergo sells on the market. TEC-1 and TEC-2 together are able to produce almost as much energy as needed to satisfy consumption in Latvia.


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