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Survey: more than 40% of employers plan to increase wages for employees in 2018

Photo: pixabay.com.
In 2018, employers will feel positive changes not only in terms of job offers but also in terms of wage rise. 41% of employers have plans to increase wages for at least some of their employees, according to results of a survey performed by CV-Online Latvia.

Analysis of results shows that the situation with wages retains certain unchanged trends. Similar to previous years, around 40% of employers admit having plans to increase wages at least for some employees. Compared with last year’s results, there are fewer jobs in which wages are planned to be reduced – only 1% of employers plan to do this, which is 3% less than last year.

12% of respondents revealed that some employees can expect wage rise in 2018. 46% of employers plan to keep wages of some employees unchanged.

Wage increase is considers a good motivating tool for the best employees. 52% of interviewed employers say this, which is 10% more than last year. There are also 10% more companies that increase wages and reduce rotation of employees – 21% of interviewed employers said this.

‘The wage rise this year was more rapid than it was in previous years. This was improved by growing demand for human resources and continuing decline of grey economy. We can expect similar tendencies next year, considering the upcoming tax reform. Employers will have to take into account higher labour force costs,’ says CV-Online Latvia manager Aivis Brodiņš.

The predicted wage rise mentioned by 44% of interviewed employers is up to 5%. 39% of employers plan to increase wages by 10%, whereas 17% of employers have plans to increase wages by more than 10%.


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