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General tax debt in Latvia in December – EUR 1.254 billion

At the beginning of December, the general tax debt in Latvia, including outstanding, halted debts and extended payment terms, was EUR 1.254 billion, which is 0.4% more than the previous month, according to data from the State Revenue Service (SRS).

This also includes the EUR 779.09 million worth of debt before the state budget, which is a 1.3% decline when compared with the beginning of November, as well as EUR 315.79 million in debt before the municipalities’ budgets (2.3% more) and social insurance payment debt of EUR 159.62 million (5.4% more).

According to data from SRS, debts applied with penalties formed 64.5% of the total debt amount – EUR 808.49 million.

SRS data also shows that debts worth a total of EUR 9.25 million were declared unenforceable on 1 December 2017 – those debts formed for liquidated businesses before the end of their liquidation procedure.

Debt worth a total of EUR 799.23 million were declared enforceable at the beginning of December. Debtors who owe a total of EUR 647.49 million have no money or property to enforce and thereby cover tax debts. As for EUR 2.31 million of unenforceable debts – a statute of limitations has come into force for those debts.

Repayment term extension was provided to debts worth a total of EUR 94.54 million on 1 December. The amount of debts for which penalties were lifted reached EUR 351.47 million at the beginning of December – these debts consisted of debts left from insolvent businesses.

A month ago, tax debts in Latvia accounted for EUR 1.25 billion.


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