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Federation: exports of Latvian food products up by more than 20%

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Exports of Latvian food products industry has grown by more than 20% when compared with the previous year, says council chairperson of Latvian Federation of Food Companies (LFFC) Ināra Šure.

She said that 2017 was a positive year for food production. This especially applies to exports. «The most positive development for Latvia’s food production industry in 2017 was the export growth – by more than 20%,» said Šure, adding that Latvian food companies have been working tirelessly for years to explore new markets and secure results.

LFFC Council chairperson expressed hope that this year’s import/export balance in food production industry turns out positive. If this is achieved, it will be possible to say Latvia’s food industry has succeeded reorienting its focus from Russia to other countries.

Latvian food producers also continued investing in development this year – modernization of equipment and processes, as well as creation of new products, Šure notes. «These investments, of course, are well-reflected in this year’s export indexes, because it is not possible to conquer new markets without investments,» she adds.

At the same time, LFFC council chairperson admits that specific challenges have become topical again and which businessmen face on a regular basis. This includes labour force deficit, which is already a serious problem.

LFFC is a non-government organization of Latvia’s food processing industry that unites many different food production companies and professional associations, represents companies in state and non-government organizations, protects its members’ interests in the development process of international laws, as well as provides its members with information support.


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