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EC to provide 3.46 million euros to support Latvian farmers impacted by floods

Photo: flickr.com.
The European Commission has decided to pay EUR 3.46 million to support Latvian farmers who were impacted by autumn floods.

Allocation of funding will ensure the completion of EC President Jean-Claude Juncker’s promise to assist farmers in Latvia.

Support allocated to Latvia will be part of general financial support for all three Baltic States and Finland. Funding will have to be used before 30 September 2018.

As it is known, Latvia sent a request to the European Commission in October, asking for support to be provided to the country’s agriculture sector after floods.

Agriculture Ministry’s press and public relations department manager Dagnija Muceniece says that the ministry sent a letter to EU Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner Phil Hogan on 5 October. In this letter the ministry explained that crops sowed on a total area of 76,900 ha and approximately 13,000 of hay were lost in floods. The letter also included estimated losses for Latvian farmers at a total of EUR 37.7 million.

A similar letter was sent to EC President Jean-Claude Juncker by Latvian President Māris Kučinskis.

As previously reported, Latvia was hit by major floods in autumn this year. Many agricultural areas suffered serious damage, causing considerable losses to owners. A state of emergency was declared in 29 Latvian counties.


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