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Aldaris commences exports to France, China and Netherlands

Aldaris concludes 2017 with three new export contracts, commencing exports of products to China, France and Netherlands. Until now Aldaris has exported products to eight markets, with the largest one being United Kingdom, taking up 78.71% from Aldaris export volume, as reported by the company.

Aldaris board member Sigita Ozola comments: «We are truly satisfied with our new export markets. Although cooperation is in early stages at the moment, and, in China’s case in particular, a lot of time is put into strengthening relations, we expect export volumes to increase to increase next year. We constantly search for new partners in Europe and outside. Non-alcoholic beer will remain the focus for export markets.»

Netherlands is the newest market to receive Aldaris products. Two export contracts for supplies of different beer products have been signed. In France, Aldaris has established cooperation with one of the local food store networks for distribution of beer products.

The company reports that Aldaris non-alcoholic beer is very popular abroad.

Aldaris exports products to the United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, USA, Finland, Australia, Estonia and Poland. This list has now expanded with China, Netherlands and France.

Each export region has its own demand for different products. One of Aldaris’ leading export products is DLight beer, which forms 23.95% of company’s exports. It is particularly popular in the UK. Finland, Ireland and Denmark have a preference for Gold Premium and Aldaris Light. USA and Australia, meanwhile, prefer porter-type beer.


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