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Savickis, Smidre, Berkis, Lavents and others on this year's list of "weird" millionaires

Aleksandr Lavent. Photo: Evija Trifanova/LETA.
 RIGA, Nov 21 - This year's index of "weird millionaires" from "Baltic Screen", whose official list of Latvia's richest people will be printed in the December issue of magazine "Kapitals", includes such persons as Olafs Berkis, Peteris Smidre, Juris Savickis, Aleksandr Lavent, and many more.
The list of "weird" millionaires includes 20 people altogether. The people behind the index admit that these persons cannot be included on the official list of Latvia's richest people, as they do not meet the requirement that their properties have to be registered and monitored by official registers. However, the list would not be complete without these people, because "it is no secret that their assets, although not so obvious to the general public, are worth more than a few million lats".
The "weird" millionaires are listed in alphabetical order. Olafs Berkis, who, according to "Baltic Screen" data, is the owner of thirteen properties and shares in companies "Brivibas gatve", "Babites 17", "Bulduru 29", "N&J", "Privatfonds", "Kement" and "Ogio", which all together would hardly afford him a millionaire's status. "But it is well known that actually Berkis and his companions - not only the other adversaries of [Ventspils Mayor Aivars] Lembergs but, possibly, the Ventspils mayor himself - have outplayed Swiss attorney Rudolf Meroni and regained control over the central Ventspils transit business company "Ventbunkers" and the associated companies," notes "Baltic Screen".
Guntis Indriksons is also ranked as a "weird" millionaire. According to "Baltic Screen", the former "Skonto" Group's CEO still is a shareholder in about a dozen companies, but in the past year the media have been mostly writing about Indriksons in connection with property auctions and debt collection cases. Nevertheless, Indriksons has certainly kept some part of his former wealth, the only question is, how much and where. Officially, however, besides Indriksons' shares in various companies, he also owns two estates in Jurmala and one in Ventspils Region.
The former "Banka Baltija" chief, Aleksandr Lavent, does not possess any company shares or properties in Latvia. Nevertheless, Lavent continues to attend "New Wave" pop music festival's parties in a splendiferous manner, and his other public appearances also strongly suggest that he is not experiencing any hardships. Unlike his former colleague, Talis Freimanis, Lavent has not sued the State to win compensation for being accused in a criminal case on deliberate bankruptcy of "Banka Baltija".
The popular businessman and ice hockey patron, Juris Savickis, owns shares in 17 companies, which is enough for him to be officially considered a millionaire, however, his real wealth most probably comes from his co-ownership, via offshore companies, of "Itera latvija", a subsidiary of Russian gas company "Itera". The businessman also owns 32 properties in Riga, Jurmala, Kekava Region and Latgale Province.
"Baltic Screen" informs that it is unclear yet what part of the former "empire" of "Baltkom" head Peteris Smidre's has been sold and what still belongs to him. Officially, Smidre owns shares in "Finansu investicijas", "Klaviatura 21", "Muflonu darzs Auli", "P.S. Holdings", "Krastmalas nams", "Kiszeme", "Korporativa sabiedriba", "PA Projekts" and "Euro Energy & Gas System", as well as two properties in Riga, one in Jurmala and two in Riebinu County. He is the chairman of the "Baltcom TV" council.
The list of "weird" millionaires also includes former "Jelgavas Cukurfabrika" sugar refinery's council chairwoman Jolanta Ausmukste and her husband Uldis Ausmuksts, former "Ventspils nafta" president Janis Blazevics, former "Itera Latvija" council deputy chairman Ainars Gulbis, businessman Arbi Indorbajevs, former "Latvijas Kugnieciba" shipping company's president Andris Klavins and his wife Mare Klavina, businessmen Valentins Kokalis, Andrejs Leibovics, Aleksandrs Livsics, former chain stores "Sky" owner Andris Lontons, Freeport of Riga stevedoring company "Strek" co-owner Tatjana Omelcenko, former "Ventspils nafta" president Igors Skoks, businessmen Genadijs Sevcovs and Mamerts Vaivads.
As reported, this year's "official" list of Latvia's 100 richest persons is topped by "ABLV Bank" owners Olegs Fils and Ernests Bernis, whereas "Liepajas Metalurgs" shareholder Sergejs Zaharjins is the third richest person in Latvia. On the other hand, the Lembergs - Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs, together with his son, Anrijs, and daughter, Liga - are Latvia's richest family with assets worth LVL 140 million.
The index is based on data from "Lursoft", State Unified Computerized Land Register and corporate finance company "Laika stars".

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