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Latvia’s unemployment level was eighth highest in EU in September

In September 2017, Latvia’s unemployment level was 7.9%, which was the eighth highest index among EU member states for which data is available, as reported by Eurostat.

According to data, unemployment was higher than Latvia’s in Spain (16.7%), Italy (11.1%), Croatia (10.5%), Cyprus (10.3%), France (9.7%), Finland (8.7%), and Portugal (8.6%).

Unemployment was the lowest in Czech Republic (2.7%), Germany (3.6%), and Malta (4.1%).

Lithuania’s unemployment level was 7.7% in September.

Average unemployment index across the EU, according to seasonal data, was 7.5% in September. The unemployment level remained unchanged in comparison with August and was the lowest since November 2008. Average unemployment index in the EU was 8.4% in September 2016.

Average unemployment level in September declined from 9% to 8.9% in nineteen member states of Eurozone. Unemployment level in Eurozone was 9.9% in September 2016.

Eurostat estimates show that there were 18.466 million people unemployed in bloc countries in September. 14.513 million people were unemployed in Eurozone member states.  Compared with August, the number of unemployed people declined by 116,000 in EU and 96,000 in Eurozone. In comparison with the same month of last year, the number of unemployed people has declined by 2.076 million in EU and 1.463 million in Eurozone.

In an annual perspective, unemployment declined in all EU member states for which data is available. This does not include Finland, where unemployment remained unchanged in September, and Lithuania, where unemployment increased. The highest unemployment decline among bloc countries was noted in Cyprus, where it declined from 13% to 10.3%, and Spain, where the decline was from 19.1% to 16.7%.

Data for unemployment in September is not available for Estonia, Greece, Britain and Hungary.

According to data from Latvian National Employment Agency, unemployment level in Latvia declined by 0.3 percentage points to 6.6% in September.


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