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EM: Sadales tīkls was dishonest about commissioning of CHP plants

Sadales tīkls has mislead Economy Ministry about the commissioning of CHP plants, as mentioned in the ministry in regards to results of assessments, planned actions and necessary changes for regulations, which was prepared after news surfaced about certain companies abusing permits for electrical energy production as part of mandatory procurement.

After information about possible problems involving multiple CHP plants surfaced in the public space, Economy Ministry formed a control group to perform inspections at eight CHP plants in October.

Inspections surveyed locations of supposed CHP plants and their activities, as well as associated documents from Sadales tīkls.

The control group performed inspections at SIA Briedis būve, SIA Madonas eko, SIA Tektus, SIA M parks, SIA E Strenči, SIA Elektro Rīdzene, SIA E Seda and SIA Rīgas Enerģija.

«Conclusions made in inspections show that no production of electricity is being performed at CHP plants at the moment. There is reason to believe production of electricity lasted only for the 72-hour test period,» Economy Ministry says.

Therefore regulations have failed to ensure that CHP plants were commissioned within the allocated period of time. This means those CHP plants will lose their right to produce electricity as part of mandatory procurements.

The ministry notes that in the case of Rīgas Enerģija, improper document filings were discovered, as well as violations with internal documents. In addition, inspectors could not survey and test nominal power output in parallel to the system (CHP plant’s power output was 5-7% during the test).

«This means the system operator failed to use their right to check CHP plants’ ability to function at nominal power output and its effect on the system,» the ministry notes.

Inspectors found out that the permit that recognized Briedis būve’s CHP plant as approved for connection to the system was issued one day prior to the end of the 72-hour test period.

Economy Ministry also notes that Sadales tīkls mislead the ministry, because the act regarding recognition of CHP plants as fit for parallel work with the system submitted to the ministry by producers served as proof of each CHP plants’ commissioning.


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