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Construction permits provided for Rail Baltica stations, a bridge and embankment project

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State Railway Technical Inspectorate has provided three construction permits to Rail Baltica project’s organizer in Latvia – European Railway Lines. The three permits account for the construction of Rail Baltica Riga stations, bridge and embankment, as reported by Development and Cooperation Department.

It is mentioned that the received construction permits include the reconstruction of Riga Central Railway Station’s Passenger Terminal Station and passenger platforms and landscaping of nearby territories; construction of a new railway bridge for Rail Baltica 1.435 mm railway road (from Maskavas iela to Jelgavas iela), as well as reconstruction of Latvian Railway infrastructure to fir Rail Baltica’s rail thickness requirement from Jelgavas iela to Lāčplēša iela.

European Railway Lines chairperson Agnis Driksna comments: «Provision of construction permits means it is now possible to commence design work and construction. Until then, however, we have some homework to do. Development of the design will be the next step so that we are able to announce the second stage of the public procurement in 2018 and put a specific objective before candidates: submit offers for construction work. We plan to commence construction work in 2020.»

At the same time, Driksna says European Railway Lines, which is responsible for the reconstruction of the Central Railway Station and construction of a new bridge over Daugava River, has done minimal work on the construction project. The company has also performed technical assessments of affected objects.

«Now European Railway Lines and its partners are actively working on defining technical requirements,» notes the member of the company’s board.

As it is known, September marked the end for the project submission process in the international public procurement for the new Rail Baltica bridge, embankment and reconstruction of Riga Central Passenger Station’s terminals. A total of seven international concerns, among which are some of the leading construction companies and experts in Latvia, decided to demonstrate their vision for Rail Baltica by submitting projects for participation.

Development and Cooperation Department estimates that European Railway Lines currently reviews submitted proposals to pick appropriate candidates for the next stage.

The estimated cost of the project is EUR 186 million. The estimate of costs was calculated by AECOM in 2015. The sketch contest concluded with victory of the project developed by PLH Arkitekter in cooperation with COWI (Denmark).

The department also adds that integration of Rail Baltica in Riga’s multi-modal transport hub will help improve safety, mobility and transport availability. The new street connection – Elizabetes iela and Timoteja iela – will help relieve traffic on nearby streets. A new bridge connecting the city centre with Pārdaugava, fitted with pedestrian and cycling lanes, will help connect two sides of Riga: Old Riga and Riga Central Market. Renovation of Central Railway Station’s southern part will help create high-quality public environment.

The project will be realized with 85% of funding provided from the European Union and 15% by Latvian state.

Development and Cooperation Department reminds that Rail Baltica is a railway project that will help integrate Baltic States into the European railway network. The project is realized by four EU member states – Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


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